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I specialise in providing comprehensive creative solutions to social media managers and small business owners navigating the dynamic world of marketing.

I understand the diverse range of services you offer your clients, from email marketing and website design to social media management and business coaching. My goal is to support you with all your creative needs, ensuring your business stands out and thrives, whether in your own operations or while catering to your clients.

What's Included:

My tailored packages start from just $295 per month. This affordable plan includes a range of creative services to enhance your brand and streamline your operations. The service is offered on a retainer basis, beginning at 5 hours per month. Flexible options include 10, 15-hour packages, or larger, more bespoke packages can be negotiated.

5 hours - $295 | 10 hours - $590 | 15 hours - $885 |   15 + hours per month available upon request

Comprehensive Creative Support: I offer a spectrum of creative services that extend beyond the typical, including support for other potential client services you might offer. Including visually appealing branded marketing collateral ensuring a professional and cohesive image for your business, be it for your personal brand or your clients. Let me handle the creative side, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional results in your business and for your clients.


Website Creation Support: Whether you need assistance with website design or back-end setup, I've got you covered. From creating brand kits to offering design solutions that align with your vision, I'm here to support you to make your website and that of your clients a powerful asset.

Flexible Collaboration: Whether you're a social media manager handling multiple clients or a small business owner managing various marketing aspects, I can support you with your client workload. Let's collaborate to ensure your creative needs are met efficiently and effectively.

How It Works:

Consultation: We start with a thorough consultation to understand your business, goals, and the specific creative needs you have for both your business and your clients.

Tailored Proposal: Based on our discussion, I provide a customised proposal outlining the services included, ensuring it aligns with your objectives for personal and client projects.

Implementation: Once the plan is approved, I begin implementing the creative solutions, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure your vision is realised in both your business and client work.

Ongoing Support: Our collaboration doesn't end with implementation. I provide ongoing support to make adjustments, incorporate feedback, and ensure your creative needs evolve with both your business and client projects.


Let's Elevate Your Creative Vision! I bring innovation and flair to every project, from branded documents, website design support to Canva content creation, my services are designed to empower both your business and client ventures.

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